Disease That Kills Women More Often Than Cancer

Heart Conditions

Your heart is the most vulnerable part of the body; that’s why many harmful effects have a negative influence on it. Heart diseases are traditionally considered men’s problem, but in the recent decade, that’s not the case. Now women die from heart diseases more than from all types of cancer together.

Depression has a great influence on heart

Depression is a common disease and affects twice as more women than men. Despite that fact, women rarely seek expert help. Even though the depression is the illness of the head, it has a strong influence on the heart and it can damage it greatly. This disease changes the hormonal balance in the body which influences on blood pressure and the heart.

The feeling of anxiety impairs the heart function

15835835248_972301aaa7_zThe panic attack is an especially dangerous condition which happens in the head, but a person has a feeling like he is experiencing a heart attack. The feeling is unreal because the panic attack has a great influence on the heart and leaves real and measurable consequences. If it occurs to have an anxiety attack, take a deep breath, in that way you are sending the signals to the brain that everything is all right.

Pessimism can damage your health

Numerous research has shown that pessimism is extremely bad for health. Patients who suffered a heart attack and had a pessimistic attitude towards the world had 30% bigger chance to die. Pessimism is not the part of the human’s personality, but a habit. According to that, optimism is a habit, so if you train yourself properly you can learn to be more optimistic and by that protect your heart.

Can other people influence you to become pessimistic?

As we stated before, pessimism is a habit and in some situations, you can pick up the bad habits from someone else. If you find yourself in such a company, try to isolate as much as possible, because they might deprive you with their thought.

Anger is an ally with heart diseases

Based on the research, people who are often angry are prone to have heart difficulties. Society often recognizes men as stronger and angrier gender, but women get angry too, only they suppress those feelings like rude and socially unacceptable. It is important to express your anger and not to suppress it because you will create the pressure in the chest which by the time will stat to influence on your heart.


First signs of heart problems

Strange feeling in the fingers, pain that spreads toward hands, nausea and pain in stomach, irregular pulls, a cough that lasts too long, sweating, swelling of the legs, shallow breeding, weakness, and anxiety.

How to prevent heart diseases

Avoid habit that will harm your health, such as alcohol, smoking, and too much coffee. Try to eat healthy groceries that will give you enough strength to go through the day. Regular physical activity is a crucial thing to be free of heart diseases.