Bipolar Disorder

What is bipolar disorder?

Sometimes it is called manic depression. Patients who suffer from bipolar disorder experience severe shifts in mood and they might be stuck in the same situations for the weeks. In one moment they are on the top of the world and in the next they have a feeling like their whole world is falling apart. These variations in mood depend on the person.

What does the depression phase look like?

If the person, who has bipolar disorder, doesn’t have the right treatment, it can experience severe episodes of depression. Symptoms which follow depression are sadness, the loss of optimism and energy; they have troubles with concentration, and they experience hopelessness. The activities they used to enjoy now they seem like a waste of time, they might lose weight, have a long period of sleep, or they don’t sleep too much, and they might think about suicide.

Manic phase

depression-824998_1280While this phase lasts, persons feel like they are charged with super power and can do anything. Their self-esteem is on a high level, and it’s out of control, that’s why they have troubles sitting still. They are more talkative, and they can be easily distracted, and their sleep is on a low level. They are prone to reckless behavior, like cheating, fast driving and usage of drugs. When the manic episode appears, people usually have more than three of these symptoms, every day during the week.

Bipolar disorder type one

People who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder type one often have manic episodes during the whole week. They may also experience depression separately.

Bipolar disorder type two

Those people who have bipolar disorder type two, experience severe depression, but they don’t have full manic episodes, instead of that they experience hypomanic turnovers but they are at the much lesser intensity, and they last few days in a week. They might look normal, but their relatives can notice those changes.


Why is a manic phase so dangerous?

Sudden shifts of mood can greatly effect on person’s health condition because he isn’t able to control his emotions. At one point he may become dangerous for his surrounding and for himself.

What are the causes?

Doctors still don’t have the explanation why bipolar disorder appears and what are its causes. The most supported opinion is that bipolar disorder is a mix of genetic, environmental and biological factors. Since the brain circuits control mood, emotions and thinking, the biological rhythm may work differently when a person has a bipolar disorder and the result mood swings and other factors connected with the illness.

How can we treat bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder can’t be cured with every day’s habits. But some things might help, such as regular sleep, healthy meal and physical activity. People who suffer from bipolar disorder should avoid drugs and alcohol because they can worsen the symptoms. People should learn to control their red flags and to plan in advance if something bad happens which is the result of their behavior.